Media Training

Many companies provide media training, but few have the journalistic experience of the Nastro Group.  Partners Steve Narisi and Stephan Strothe are practicing journalists each with over 30 years experience ranging from top ten television markets to national and international networks. They understand the role of the media and posses a detailed knowledge of what drives a story.

Nastro Group provides reality-based workshops for top diplomats and CEOs, governments and NGOs, preparing them for the growing challenges in an ever-changing news environment. Our task is simple: we provide you with crucial inside knowledge on how the media works, focusing on the most important skills for anyone facing live-cameras and open microphones. Our workshops will prepare you for any interview whether friendly or hostile, proactive or reactive. We will train you to refine your message, stay-on-point, and handle the unexpected. Aside from the challenges on the hard news media front, Nastro Group prepares you for a variety of public speaking assignments, focusing on both message content and body language.

Nastro Group’s workshops are conducted in our studio in downtown Washington, DC, just one block from the White House, utilizing broadcast quality equipment and a highly professional news staff. Our live-broadcasting and live-to-tape media training position overlooks the White House and is one of the best rooftop positions in the capital. We also provide on-site training at your office or headquarters.

Steve is a former staff producer for NBC Nightly News and the Today Show and a contributing producer for CBS and ABC News. Stephan is the former Bureau Chief for N24 and SAT 1 German Television Networks. While pursuing stories around the country and internationally, we have interviewed presidents, corporate chairmen, celebrities, and sports stars. We have covered presidential campaigns, natural and man-made disasters, corporate misconduct, and criminals investigations. Our insights into the world of news and the 24 hour news cycle provide invaluable resources for those wishing to master the media.