Nastro Group Productions is a multi-service media company recently established in Washington D.C. by two long-term professional broadcasters. Though Steve Narisi and Stephan Strothe hail from journalism, they also have vast experience in many genres of television. The colleagues recently formed the company to utilize their skills and contacts to service corporations and cable channels.

The partners are national award winners who have created content for both foreign and domestic clients. Individually, they have written and produced series, documentaries, segments, and videos for: FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, top-ten television stations, Discovery, Discovery ID, National Geographic, HGTV, SAT-1German Television, N24 German News Network, American Airlines, Newell-Rubbermaid, Belz Enterprises, and Guidepost Solutions.

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Steve Narisi is a versatile Emmy award winning broadcast veteran who has worked with networks, cable channels, and corporations. His latest job was Supervising Producer for America's Most Wanted, which was a prime-time FOX Network program with a weekly audience of 5-6 million people. As Supervising Producer, Steve worked with the program's correspondents and producers helping oversee of staff of fifty people. Prior to AMW, Steve worked with various cable networks as a writer and producer of series and documentaries. His work has appeared on all three major news networks along with PBS, Discovery, and National Geographic.

As a broadcast journalist, Steve is a former staff producer for NBC Nightly News and the Today Show. Some of the major stories he covered includes the Oklahoma City bombing, presidential campaigns, earthquakes in Turkey, space shuttle explosions, humanitarian aid drops over Afghanistan, refugee camps in Pakistan, terrorist cells in the Philippines, and MIA's in Vietnam. Steve was an embedded media member during "Operation Enduring Freedom'. He accompanied a Patriot Missile Battalion during the invasion; part of his group included Pvt. Jessica Lynch.

Stephan Strothe is the former Bureau Chief and lead Correspondent for N24 German news channel. He began his career at ARD in Germany working for a magazine show similar to ABC's Nightline. From ARD, he moved to Germany's first commercial network, SAT-1, where he was assistant editor-in-chief heading the network's news department. He later transferred to New York to establish his network's first North America bureau. The bureau was eventually relocated to Washington D.C.

Besides Bureau Chief, Stephan served as a White House Correspondent covering presidents from George H. Bush through Barack Obama. He also produced numerous award winning in-depth documentaries ranging from 'weapons of mass destruction' to 'Porsche' to 'marines boot camp at Paris Island'. Stephan has a Master's in Political Science from the University of Hamburg, Germany.


•   New York Emmy-- WNBC-TV News Series: "Enemies No More"
•   New York Emmy-- WNBC-TV News Series: "The Long Journey Home"
•   Texas Emmy—WFAA-TV, Prime Time Texas "Day of the Storms"
•   National Emmy-- NBC Nightly News: "Shuttle Explosion Newscast"
•   Telly Awards—SAT-1 German TV, "Silent Killers"
•   Telly Awards—SAT-1 German TV, "Ground Zero"
•   Chicago International Film and TV Festival Certificate of Merit (Documentary
•   SAT-1: "Prison Boot Camp"
•   Chicago International Film & TV Festival Silver Medal (Documentary
     Division)-- AETN-TV PBS, Arkansas: "Home Seasoning"